Lego Batman

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Lego Batman

Warner Bros. seized an opportunity to leverage the success of the Lego Star Wars video games through the creation of an original Lego Batman video game utilizing the proven game mechanics. Riser’s creative team was commissioned to create the digital marketing campaign to support the product launch. The game was released across all major gaming platforms including Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS, Max OS X, PC, and Wii. Riser’s work was recognized for industry awards including a Gold Addy and one of five Judge’s Choice awards presented in the Addy competition.

Warner Bros. massively successful Lego Batman video game launched with a massively successful digital marketing campaign.

Website Strategy

The cornerstone of the digital marketing campaign was the website. Riser’s creative team ideated a site that would capture the fell of the game, deliver content to the end user, and generate excitement around the release date. The website strategy project phase include content planning, user interface concepts, sitemaps, and wireframes.

Interactive Lego Navigation

One of the client’s primary objectives was to incorporate Lego bricks into the website experience. Riser’s design team created the concept of an interactive Lego navigation that allowed users to stack interlocking Lego bricks to create their own site navigation. Through some serious math and physics programming, Riser’s development team successfully executed on an interactive nav that allowed users to fully control and “play with” the Lego bricks on the site. Bricks could be thrown around the screen, bouncing off of walls while spinning and flipping before eventually falling to the ground.

Customize Your Experience

One of the unique features of the console game allows players to experience the game as a both a hero and a villain. Riser mirrored this feature in the site experience by allowing website visitors to choose their side, Hero or Villain. The end user would then be placed in an interactive world visually customized to their selection.

Interactive Environments

Each interactive environment, Hero or Villain, contained a fully animated, exportable, parallax scene. Users can use their mouse to explore the environment, click on items and characters to reveal new content. The site content includes photo galleries, video galleries, character bios, exclusive downloadable content, and product information.

Animated Countdown Widget

Among several expanded content elements, the Riser team created an interactive, animated countdown widget. The widget could be embedded on user sites and blogs to expand awareness of the video game launch date. Consistent with the game dynamics, the countdown widget was available in both Hero and Villain iterations.

Online Games

To further enhance the digital marketing engagement for the game release, Riser’s design and development teams created interactive casual games. The online games expand brand engagement and increase user session length.

Display Advertising

Riser also provided the marketing creative for a display advertising campaign. A series of ads were developed for a robust media buy that included both static and rich media ads that displayed video game trailer.

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