Fox Movie Channel Website

Fox Movie Channel Website Design & Build

Design it. Build it. Launch it. RiSER helped distribute Die Hard reruns to millions of viewers. Yippee-ki-yay...

The Fox Movie Channel site was in major need of an overhaul. RiSER was brought in to create a new site from the ground up. The design team put everything they had into the new look and feel and the programmers utilized CMS, Hulu feeds, and custom back-end programming in ways they didn’t know were possible. The site was a major success, helping drive new viewers to Fox Movie Channel. RiSER continued to serve the client for years after launch by hosting and maintaining the site in support of the Fox Movie Channel team.

Information Architecture

RiSER helped the client strategize their content delivery and engaged in a robust information architecture exercise that included sitemapping the content and wireframing each page.

Design Exploration

Following establishment of the site architecture, RiSER’s creative team explored color usage and design comps to establish the look and feel of the site.

Final Designs and Programming

After creation of the finished designs for each page of the site, RiSER’s development team went to town coding the page construction. A custom schedule management tool was created, integration with the Hulu video player, and many other enhanced features were crafted to perfection by the talented programmers. The final site was built on MovableType CMS to empower Fox Movie Channel team members to manage the site content.

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