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Understanding the Difference Between Stock & Flow Content

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Content is king, but there are different types of rulers in today’s miss mash of media. Not only is there a wide variety of different types of content, there are also several uses for those various types of content. But, for now let’s focus on failing fast, learning quickly, {don’t forget to budget for a big bet failure!} and understanding the two major types of content.

Stock Content: This is your super high quality content that has had a healthy amount of marketing dollars to back it up. A lot of time was spent on this, a lot of creative resources, and this is what could potentially put the business on the map. Full-fledged campaigns.

Good examples of stock content are bigger ticket items such as commercials, magazine spreads, etc. like the commercial used below:

Flow Content: Social stuff that happens daily, or content that’s been automated.

Good examples of flow content include the basics that you can repurpose in several ways to be used over and over; something that doesn’t take a lot of time to create. Here are some examples below, that I, personally really liked:


Positive quotes are a huge personal favorite of mine, not only are they easy to come by but they can make your audience smile.


Just show us your cool stuff, we all know it’s lurking in your computer somewhere. If you’re an artist or your agency has a great side project…Snap a quick pic and share it. What I liked about this image in particular, is that it told a story without heavy copy; the picture says it all.


Be current. Show what’s trending and that you’re aware of what’s going on in the world around you. Having content that you’re passionate about and is trendy creates the perfect formula for what to share! The world cup is a great example. Not only is it a big deal in the media, the amount of photos to choose from is enormous.

But remember, just because it’s flow content and you’re not spending a lot of time creating it, that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to get sloppy or do a half-baked job. Though this content moves in and out of cyber space quickly, it still must be a well thought out representation of your brand and business. Something I think of first before scheduling flow content is: “Does this make sense for my brand and does it demand attention without demanding too much energy?”

Between these two types of content there are some over arching qualities that every piece of content you create must have, other wise it’s media pollution. Whatever you do creatively should be irresistible and bring you joy. Through this, your content should be an experience and play a meaningful part in the lives of the people consuming it.

Playing a meaningful part in your consumers’ lives doesn’t need to be hard. It can be boiled down to simply providing them with an actionable solution to a problem. And, if those criteria are being met, the content will begin to generate itself through users. But if it’s not, you won’t see any interaction with your creative.

Lastly, remember the content cycle that your creative must be able to successfully flow through. Digital World to social to physical world.


5 Unique Ways to Use Social Media, One Might Save Your Life

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Living in the year 2014 means living in a year where one’s thoughts, actions, desires and experiences are broadcasted on the ‘double-sided-sword” platform of Social Media. About 75% (a number that’s continually increasing) of the world’s population is using social networking sites. That’s a very easy concept to grasp…next time you’re in a group setting, take a look at how many people around you are on their phones. A little depressing.

While the Social Media addiction has had numerous negative side effects on people such as occasionally running into a poll while texting, or not feeling cool enough due to the lack of Likes, or even engaging more in a virtual conversation instead of conversing face to face, there are some hidden gems that Social Media has created. Take a look at these five ways Social Media has risen above being just at outlet for stalking others or self promotion.

1. Avoid Shopping Lines

Raise your hand if you like driving all the way to the mall, walking around for awhile, and then having to wait in a long line to purchase your item? NO THANK YOU. The beauty of living in a social-media-obsessed society is that anything can be bought in just a click of a button. Ninety-three percent of marketers use social media for business. Companies have learned where their customers are spending the majority of their time. They know that people are constantly on social media, from the instant they wake up to the instant they close their eyes for bed. Yes, this means that there are countless ads popping up online, but it also means that our society has the opportunity to tell businesses what they want and purchase what they want instantly.

2. Find Your Soulmate

One word: Tinder. Who would have thought Tinder would have been considered one of the main social media channels for online dating, let alone dating. Tinder launched about two years ago, and now has a daily user base of over 10 million people and a history of making more than 1 billion matches. Obviously, what started out as a fun way to meet people, has exploded into a mainstream way of dating. Tinder has its modern-day benefits. In a Time article, it’s explained, “While traditional dating sites require extended periods of time in front of the desktop writing and browsing long bios, Tinder can be played in short bursts on the go.” Tinder falls under the present stereotype of our society “wanting something now” by allowing people to instantly see who’s interested in them and allowing them to chat immediately. With more than 1 billion matches, the odds are looking good in the dating world thanks to Tinder and other social media channels. Click here to read about some heart-warming marriage stories from Tinder.

3. Manage Your Finances

Paying people back doesn’t require whipping out your checkbook anymore. It only requires one finger pushing a button on your phone, preferably your index finger. Money is shifting from being in the physical form of paper to becoming solely a digital presence. Venmo is an example of a great finance app that “lets you take the awkwardness out of asking your friends for money”. You can instantly request or send money between any Venmo user. Mint is an all-around-finance platform that allows its users to create and manage their income, budget and expenditures. Even Snapchat has recently expanded to allowing people to send cash via Snapcash. Companies are realizing that their customers want daily tasks to be simple. These three apps are just a few examples of how Social Media makes it possible to manage your finances in the most convenient and efficient way.

4. Catch Crooks

No one likes when others get away with an illegal deed, especially if the deed is done to you personally. Your first instinct is to become an FBI agent and do some investigation. I have recently experienced how Social Media can help with detective work.

During the week before Thanksgiving this year, my youngest sister’s (Abigail Keenan) backpack was stolen on her college campus. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal if her laptop and external hard drive (both containing months of photography sessions for her business) weren’t inside. Following a day of extreme stress and sadness, Abby accepted the loss of her backpack. She decided to tweet about her recent experience to warn others to be safe with their belongings. The next night, Abby was contacted by Austin Butler, who lived half an hour north of her, who explained that he had possibly just purchased her stolen laptop off of KSL. Abby learned that Butler had felt that something was off with his laptop purchase due to certain names and pictures he found on the computer. After some investigation online, he found Abby’s Twitter account with her tweet about her stolen laptop. Eureka!! Abby and Butler were able to meet up where Butler gracefully returned Abby’s stolen laptop. A few days later, the suspect was found, and her backpack and external hard drive were also returned.

This case was solved due to the existence of social media. If she had had her backpack stolen even ten years ago, there would have been a different outcome: they would have been gone forever.

5. Save Your Life

The ability to reach hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people at once has opened the door for people to say whatever they want, including a cry for help. Thousands of people have been saved due to social media, including a woman named Leigh Fazzina.

People’s human nature includes the desire for adventure and taking risks. Fazzina was competing in a mini-triathlon when she ended up getting separated from her group due to her front bike wheel hitting tree roots causing her to fly over her handlebars. This accident caused her to be lost, injured and unable to walk. Since her cell service wasn’t strong enough to make a call, she decided to tweet “I’ve had a serious injury and NEED Help! Can someone please call Winding Trails in Farmington, CT tell them I’m stuck bike crash in woods”. Within minutes, Fazzina was rescued. In this case, Twitter saved her life. Social Media became a way for Fazzina, and many others to call for help. Read more stories here.

As one can see, Social Media is not just a way to stalk your friends or see what the latest gossip is. Yes, that’s usually what occurs online (you’d be lying if you said you didn’t love doing those), but Social Media can be used in ways that have more depth and have more meaning in one’s life. Our generation is even lucky to have the opportunity to have access to those benefits instantly. However, it’s up to our society to make sure that there is a balance of using Social Media for guilty pleasures or meaningful substance.


10 Inspirational Nuggets From Ad Week 2014 #AWXI

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Advertising week is an educational networking marathon, powered by buzzwords, and espresso. Between back-to-back seminars, brand experience booths, networking events, dinners, and after parties it’s a miracle the information received was also retained. Yet, somehow, it all remains as glowing inspiration dancing through my brainwaves. However, there are 10 pieces of information stood out to me and I hope they inspire you in the same way.

  1. Fail Fast Learn Quicker: Have big ideas, do something crazy with your next campaign, explore new design. Experimentation with new ideas is becoming more and more the norm, perhaps even required. Be ready to shift gears quickly should it fail. And, if you’re doing it right you’ll fail. A lot.
  2. Relevant Events Rock: Want to elevate your brand and have content built for you by consumers? The fastest way is through an event, plus it allows the consumer to experience your story versus just read about it and hope they remember.
  3. Know Your Brand: If you don’t know your brand consider yourself lost, how do you know what direction you or your clients should go? People can see a lost client or agency a mile away and will run to someone else. Know your brand and love it.
  4. Say No! To Content Pollution: If what you’re building isn’t going to add real value to your target market or brand then don’t build it. Period, 30+ billion pieces of constant are created daily, and that’s not including relatively closed platforms like Instagram. Don’t add to the pollution and make your content ‘green’ i.e., valuable.
  5. Culture Addict: Know what’s going on in the world outside of your cube, your corner office, even outside your personal life. We build the trends, so in order to be inspired to innovate we have got to know what’s going on now in order to be forward-thinking.
  6. Be Genuine & Authentic: People through the years have become desensitized to advertising/marketing illusions. No longer do they trust the screams of sales people or push of products. Today the message must be genuine and come from the heart, relating to the emotions of your target market on an authentic level. 
  7. Attention Is Valuable, ROI Is Elusive: The new measurement metric we’re all going after is attention. How long are they on your website? How long do they stay at your event? You want their attention so your brand is now a part of their lives. ROI? That buzzword was so five months ago.
  8. Music Matters: More and more music is becoming an essential part of any good campaign. Think about it as you build various elements into an idea, it’s starting to become a bigger part of how emotions with a brand are digested and perceived.
  9. Experience Is The New Battleground: Great design, clever hashtag campaign, no loose ends in dev? That’s great but if you can’t provide an experience along with the rest then suddenly, in today’s society, it becomes uninteresting. And, to be very blunt, not stimulating enough for Millennials. And every agency wants a piece of it.
  10. Shut Up & Dance: I’m being completely serious, studies have shown that dancing puts you in touch with your body’s natural energy thusly releasing endorphins that heighten creativity and production levels. Turn up the tunes, and get moving.

By far one of the best professional experiences of my life, I consumed more valuable information in four days than I did through two years of college. The value came from those who have survived this often volatile industry; now holding influence and genuine love of the industry. This should be the business trip staple of an ad man or woman’s year by far. Additionally, the renowned Clio awards take place the same week. The ultimate goal? Win a Clio, go to adweek, rule the world.


100 Bobble Heads In Our Collection to Test Your Inner Nerd

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We have officially reached 100 bobble heads in our collection. It’s obvious that we have an obsession at RiSER for collecting bobble heads. They are peppered throughout our website, we have an entire display case of them at our studio, and we even get a customized bobble head for each member of our team. These toys aren’t results of random or impulse purchase decisions, okay… maybe a little, but they represent our fun and creative culture. We love that they are the first thing you see when you walk in to our office. These little friends of ours help set the tone that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. The genre of our collection varies from super heroes to films and shows we love. Browse through them below… you will quickly realize the level of “nerd” we truly are.


The Walking Agency: 2014 Halloween at RiSER

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Riser always takes halloween too serious, but this year was truly a monster mashup. RiSER is one of the companies that require every staff member to dress up and be as creative as possible, even our engineers. Throughout the day we crafted Harry Potter wands while listening to the soundtrack for inspiration. Little trick-or-treaters stopped by to make their rounds and fill up on sweets, take some photos, and help with wand making. Below are some photos and videos, capturing our fun filled day of halloween celebration. Hey, this is the closest to LARP’ing as we’ll get.

Our Wands Really Work!

During Harry Potter wand crafting, who would have thought they would prematurely fire off spells. And it just so happens we caught the whole thing on film.


User Generated Content: FXN Comic-Con Embraces Social Aggregation

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FX Networks engaged the RiSER team to transform a blog into the ultimate social destination for Comic-Con 2014. The solution was to allow fans to post from their preferred social network directly to the Comi-Con blog via hashtag. Now fans can interact with the event, brand, and each other. FX Networks had complete control over the content, built in tools allowed them to moderate off brand or inappropriate content. Within a few hours of launch, the blog received over 60,000 posts, social content that might have been lost. It was a huge success.


Happy #NationalHammockDay 2014

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Come celebrate National Hammock Day with us. Simply hashtag #nationalhammockday on Twitter and see your post with all of the others. Today we celebrate laziness and relaxation in style. Although the origin of this holiday is unknown, celebrating it is encouraged. Hammocks are a symbol of relaxation and easy living, so why not celebrate. Grab your hammock and two trees and enjoy the outdoors.


Consider This Before Your Next Hashtag Campaign

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Many brands are pushing their hashtag campaign’s generate buzz about their product and/or events on social media. This is an excellent way to encourage user generated content, non-solicted feedback and reviews. If you haven’t noticed this going on, you will now. Almost every show on TV and film is pushing their hashtag. From restaurants to car dealers, we’ve noticed hashtags on all of their marketing material. Now ask yourself, when I visit their primary online properties, do I find this content? The answer most likely will be no. Before you jump into your next hashtag campaign consider the following.

Choosing the Right Hashtag

Make sure you choose the hashtag that is right for you and your brand. The last thing you want is to push your chosen hashtag only to discover it is associated with innapropriate content. This can be a daunting task, if you have ever tried finding the right .com domain name, it is very similar. Here are some things to remember when finding the best hashtag for your brand or campaign.

  • Make it clear, relatable, short and consise
  • Hashtags don’t support spaces, so don’t rely on them for readability
  • The pound symbol is the only symbol you can use, this is how social media delineates the link
  • Never begin with numbers or use only numbers, using numbers at the end especially for dates is fine

Using Your Hashtag

We encourage our clients to have a dedicated marketing person to push their hashtag to their customers. However this has to become a team effort inside an organization, every employee should be encouraged to use the hashtag when appropriate and natural. For a big push, we recommend hiring an agency to help advertise the hashtag to the right channels for awareness and usage. Here are some things we consider while helping our clients, which you can use as internal guidelines as well.

  • Less is more. Don’t pepper your post with more than two hashtags, this is standard social media etiquette and will help you avoid being viewed as a hard seller.
  • Display and push your hashtag on your marketing material, and always the same way. It is just as important to write it out the same way as it is finding the right hashtag.
  • Put it on your product packaging and encourage user generated content, you’d be surprised at your customers dedication to your brand.
  • Be consistent and diligent, your hashtag is now part of your brand as much as your logo, treat it as such.

Destination for Your Hashtag

Although social media networks handle your content on their own platform, this only works if your customer is visiting that particular property. For instance, if you market your hashtag telling your fans to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you are also telling them they need to go all three of those properties in order to digest other contributions. This isn’t a bad thing, but there is a solution to something better. Why not tell them to post using your hashtag and then visit your website for an aggregated source of all of the social networks. If you haven’t already, check out our Bragify for a destination solution. Here is why controlling your destination is important.

  • Simplify Marketing – Aggregate your social media content into one destination that you can easily use in your brand marketing.
  • Content Control – Moderate the social content you display on your page (including hashtag content that your customers post).
  • Engage Your Customers – Allow your customers to interact with all types of social media content right on your site. No more giving away your website traffic.

Hashtag campaigns can be rewarding, fun and encourage customers to interact with your brand and/or product. Executing it correctly and being diligent is they key to successful hashtag driven marketing and can ultimately give your brand more awareness and drive sales. Happy tagging!


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